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About Us

Corporate Value


    We built the SEKAWAN company with the foundation of INTEGRITY to not harm ourselves, others and the environment. We constantly strive to maintain sublime values such as: ETHICS, JUSTICE, TRUTH, HONESTY, LOYALTY, and CHIVALRY.


    We maintain the harmonious community of SEKAWAN with skills of COOPERATION and full RESPONSIBILITY toward duty. We always work with MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, MUTUAL RESPECT, HELPING EACH OTHER, and MUTUAL CARE.


    We run SEKAWAN company with profitable efficiency. We constantly optimize PRODUCTIVITY and manage our resources EFFECTIVELY in full-capacity, and always consider these aspects: PRECISE, ECONOMICAL, and FAST.


    We develop SEKAWAN company with FLEXIBLE sustainable INNOVATION. We constantly strive to develop and capitalize norms of CREATIVITY, DYNAMIC, ANALYTICAL, INTELLIGENCE.


    We manage SEKAWAN company with the concept of endless LEARNING. We constantly improve the knowledge of our resources by: EXTENDING INSIGHT, HUMBLENESS, OPENESS, EVALUATION, and THINKING POSITIVELY.

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