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Independent Business/OEM

Create a personal business with unlimited profits and prosperous future

You have an idea to make your own products? You want to start your own cosmetic business?

We are ready to assist you for OEM business. You could make cosmetic products as your need.

We will prepare all of your cosmetic productions purposes, start from product design, raw materials, packaging, until the legality of your cosmetic products (BPOM – Indonesian Food and Drug Agency). You don’t need to bother, you will immediately receive the finished products. You just need to prepare the marketing team, recruit friends and relations, offering jobs to family, and lead them to be able to work.

To give a brief overview, OEM business process as below :

  1. Selection process of the type of products that will be produced
    We could manufacture Skin Care, Hair Care, Bath Supply, Deodorant, and Perfume. We will provide you some registered brands which could be used for your product name.
  2. Price Quotation of the product by us
    We will submit a price quotation which will be approved by you. Price quotation depends on the quality and product specification that you want to manufacture.
  3. Once price quotation is approved, proceed with the process of making samples
    Once price quotation is approved, we will assist you to proceed sample preparation in accordance with the quality and specification of the products that has been agreed before. For sample preparation, we will charge the cost of product sample testing to you (we will inform you cost detail later).
  4. Once the samples is approved by you, then continued to make Letter of Agreement & Contract Order
    After the sample is received and approved by you, then we will make a Letter of Agreement and Contract Order of the product to be made. On Contract Order, will be shown the total cost that should be paid to manufacture. You are required to pay 30% of the total cost as deal note, and the remaining will be paid after the products are ready.
  5. Once Letter of Agreement and Contract Order is completed, followed by label design process and product legality registration (BPOM)
    After Letter of Agreement and Contract Order signed, then followed by designing product label & registering product legality  (BPOM). We could assist you to design product label, or you could make product label design by yourself. For product legality registration (BPOM), takes time max. 2 months after date of Contract Order signed.
  6. Once label design & product legality registration (BPOM) finished, followed by Purchase Order (PO) from you
  7. Once label design & product legality registration (BPOM) is completed, then you could start to make a PO which contains that how many products that you want to order. For your information, 1 Contract Order has a time limit 6 months to finish off all of the quantity amount that you have ordered.
  8. PO received by us, we will immediately proceed your PO and prepare your product manufacturing process
    After we received PO, we will immediately prepare the production process of your products. The production proceed takes 60-90 days to products are ready.
  9. Manufacturing process is complete, your products are ready, we will send your products soon
    Once products are finished to manufacture, we will send the products to your warehouse/office.

* OEM business process could be changed, depending n the agreement

Further information, please contact :
contact : Ms. Adelia
Telephone : +62-31-8952885  ; +62-31-8952926 ; +62-31-8952884
Email : info@skw.co.id , marketing@skw.co.id ,  cs@skw.co.id
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