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Business Partnership Opportunities with Sekawan Cosmetics

Dear Candidates for our Business Partners, we are offering a business opportunity that has the potential to benefit more than 50% for retail and 10% wholesale sales.

If you already have a Network, it would be easier for you to be accepted as our Business Partners.
Retail price cannot be below the price that has been set (plus 50% of the net cost price).

If you are not able to sell our goods, you can revoke your rights as business partners and we will refund you 100% if the conditions below are met:

  • The returned goods are not damaged / rejected / dirty.
  • Shipping charge of your returned goods is on you.
  • It takes 3-6 dyas to check the condition of the returned goods that we received
  • After that the money will be transferred / returned.
You can make the sale in your town freely. We only search for two Business Partners for each city/county throughout Indonesia. Once we have got two Business Partners, we will not accept new Business Partner registration in your city. If your turnover could be over 20 million/month, then you would simply become our sole Business Partner in your city.

Every transaction over the phone / fax / email from your city will be forwarded to you so you can handle the sales directly in your city.

You must maintain a minimum margin of profit based on our standard, without any limitation if you want to gain more. If you violate this provision, we have the right to revoke your status as our business partner and look for a replacement for your area. Your money will be returned according to the number of returned goods that we receive.

We expect growing sales, a minimum increase of 10% every month. For that we are looking for business partners who want to progress and reactive to try.

Items that cannot be sold within 2 months can be exchanged with other products. Products that have been received in more than 3 months cannot be returned.

For damaged/defective products upon receipt, please notify us immediately within a maximum of 7 days after receiving the goods. After 7 days we would consider that the goods have been received in good condition. So if (more than 7 days after you received the goods) you report that the items received are damaged / defective then you should bear the consequence.
contact : Ms. Grace
Telephone : +62-31-8952885  ; +62-31-8952926 ; +62-31-8952884
Email : info@skw.co.id , marketing@skw.co.id ,  cs@skw.co.id
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