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Primaniyarta 2011

Once again, SEKAWAN Cosmetics became the pride of the nation this year by being an exporter that received Primaniyarta Award 2011 in the category of UKM (Usaha Kecil Menengah) Export/Small and Medium Enterprise Exporter organized by Ditjen PEN (Directorate General for National Export Development in collaboration with the Department of Industry and Trade of Indonesia, Swa Magazine and Metro TV as media partners, as a process to embrace companies/exporters that participate at Primaniyarta.

The role of non-oil export becomes a very important and strategic part in increasing national income. With the increase in non-oil exports, the role of the community in economic and development activity is greater, which in turn will be able to create new employment opportunities through a series of activities related to export.

The efforts to increase non-oil exports are not easy especially in this era of globalization in the field of economy and trade that causes a high level of competition. Thus, a good cooperation between the government and exporters as agents of export is required in increasing non-oil exports.

The benefits that can be obtained by Primaniyarta Award recipients are such as:

  • To include Primaniyarta Logo on Company Letterheads in order to increase the confidence of buyer/importer to exporter.
  • To provide Free Booth especially for Export UKM in Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) at Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta (Jakarta Fair).
  • Being prioritized to join export promotion activities abroad, coordinated by BPEN.
  • Being promoted to buyers/importers abroad through publications issued by BPEN.
  • Ease of import activities for Export Purpose (KITE) for exporters who import raw materials for export products, for those who have not obtained a KITE.
  • Special service/problem resolution priorities in the field of customs.
  • Fast refund of import duty (15 workdays) if the requirements are completed.
  • Getting special attention for smooth flow of export and import goods at the port.

After being nominated in Primaniyarta Award 2008 for "Global Brand Developer" category, eventually in 2010 and 2011 Sekawan Cosmetics won the award for the category of "UKM (Small and Medium Enterprise Exporter)" which submission of trophies and certificates was given by Vice President of Indonesia, Boediono.

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