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Sekawan Cosmetics Wins Primaniyarta 2013 Award

Sekawan Cosmetics Wins Primaniyarta 2013 Award

On 16th October 2013 in Kemayoran, Jakarta, Sekawan Cosmetics won the Primaniyarta Award in the category of Superior Potential Exporter from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. Having previously won the award in the SME Exporter category in both 2010 and 2011, the company was praised for their success in penetrating international markets such as the Middle East, North Africa and Japan. Among the event attendees were Mr Gita Wirjawan, Minister of Trade, and Mr Boediono, Vice President of Indonesia, who presented the award to Mr Herman, Sekawan Cosmetics’ representative at the ceremony.

The Primaniyarta Award was launched in 1992 by the Indonesian government to encourage local companies to pursue greater export value and establish brands capable of competing at an international level. In addition to enjoying gains to company prestige and reputation, award winning exporters also receive notable benefits from the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Finance, including but not limited to special priority in importing raw materials to meet export demand.

Further motivated by this latest award, Sekawan Cosmetics plans to continue to advance product quality and consolidate upon the strong position of its brands in markets abroad. Through these initiatives, the company stands to play a significant role in the emergence of internationally recognised Indonesian products.

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