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Hair Care

Hair Styling

Holly Hair Styling Spray

Non-aerosol styling spray to the hair neat and durable, keep hair from wind and activities to keep neat and stylish. Enriched with anti-UV and vitamin E so that the hair is always healthy and protected from the negative effects of sunlight.
  • Green: Having a stiff styling grooming, making hair look wet and shiny.
  • Blue: Having a medium stiff grooming, making hair feel slightly wet, and hair look shiny.
  • Red: Has a natural grooming. Give effect to soft stiff, dry and fluffy on the hair. Hair can be rearranged as previously with similar effects either.
  • Yellow: Gives an impression shiny and fluffy. Has a soft grooming due enriched conditioner. After drying hair can be rearranged back and would give the same effect as before.

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