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Skin Care


Laurent Shower Gel

- Aloevera
Shower Gel to cleanse and refresh your skin, with Aloevera Extract useful to soften the dead skin cells. Formulated with Vitamin E and AHA, to help perfect skin regeneration, keep skin moisture optimally and makes the skin stay bright, clean young radiant.
- Green Tea
Shower Gel that refresh the skin with Green Tea Extract useful as an Antioxcidant, helps skin protected from free radicals. Formulated with Vitamin E and AHA to help perfect skin health and keep skin moisture optimally as well as make the skin bright, clean young radiant.
- Goat's Milk
Shower Gel with an abundance of gentle foam. Formulated with Goat's Milk Extract that rich in nutrients to help maintain skin moisture and smoothness. With a luxurious and fresh fragrance, making the bathing time as a refreshing and enjoyable moment.
250 mL, 600 mL & 1000 mL
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