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Cleaning Time Make Up in Face

How the heck do I clean the makeup right?

How the heck do I clean the makeup right? After a day of wearing make-up, of course, we need to clean up the rest of the make-up of the face. Never let the former makeup still stick to the face, because the skin needs to breathe wajahpun and regeneration. Besides former cosmetics on the face could have been mixed with the dust so it is not good for health. Just because lazy to clean the remnants of makeup it's not impossible can lead to irritation and other symptoms on the skin.
Why be lazy to clean the rest of the make-up? Originally know how, do not bother really. And the important thing is always to maintain skin health will be an important investment for us in the future.
Prepare the ingredients before starting cleaning the rest of the makeup. Namely, cotton beauty, make-up remover or baby oil, milk cleanser and night cream.

Step 1: Before cleaning the face, pull and tie hair back so that the entire surface of the skin easy to reach and to clean. Can also use a headband to hold the hair in order not to interfere with this process.

Step 2: Use a cotton swab that has been given beauty make-up remover or you can also use baby oil to rub the eye area first. Use a cotton swab to one eye only. Do not wear cotton the same for the other eye, it could lead to infection or dirt from the previous eye. Do it slowly to avoid the rest of cosmetics into the eye.

Step 3: Choose liquid or milk cleanser that suits our skin type. Before purchasing liquid or cleansing milk, best to know your skin type, whether dry skin, normal or oily skin. When our skin tends to dry, do not use cleanser for oily skin. It could be the facial skin irritation and flaking due to dry.
Next, pour the liquid or cleansing milk taste in the palm of the hand and brush to the entire surface of the skin. Reach out to the entire surface of the face including polished sections of hair cosmetics. Do not be in a hurry. Make sure the rest of cosmetics does not leave scars. After that, wash your face with warm water and dry with a clean towel.

Step 4: Finish by applying a moisturizing night cream. Use night cream before bed is very important, because the skin to regenerate in the body when resting. Apply a night cream thin layer only and pat-pat your face skin so that the cream was absorbed into the skin.

In addition there are three points that need to be known to be associated cleaning processes make up.
First: Use of toner or liquid refreshment by beauty experts is not recommended, because actually lots of liquids or milk cleanser already contains toner. Using toner too often in fact the risk of reducing the natural oils on your face and make skin irritation, dry and dull.

Second: Do not use wet wipes when cleaning makeup. Not effective at all. In fact, the way it made clogged pores and cause black stains.

Third: If you wear waterproof mascara, clean it with makeup remover specifically designed for waterproof cosmetics. Apply the remover on a cotton beauty and remove mascara. The same can be applied to waterproof lipstick.

Now we already know that clean the rest of the makeup was not at all difficult. Hopefully, our skin becomes healthy and remains an investment of incredible beauty. Good luck ...! * Nov / Netz
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