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Different Kinds of Blush On

Whether a healthy glow or sophisticated and beautifully shaped cheeks are the goal, blush adds warmth and light to the face and sharpens the facial features. Below are some different kinds of blush on :

Qualities: Half seethrough gel that gives a light color
Pros and cons:
+ Lasts long and is fat free so it doesn't cause spots. 
- Difficult to add color and in addition it's too seethrough to use to shape the cheekbones.
Suitable for: Oily skin and to give the skin a healthy and natural glow in the summer and when training sports.

Qualities: Liquid blush that gives a natural color and texture that adheres well to the skin
Pros and cons: 
+ Longlasting, natural colors in wearable colors, and comfortable to use
- Can make concealer and foundation crease.
Suitable for: Oily and mixed skin - straight on the skin or over a very thin makeup.

Qualities: Blush that gives a versatile color and a matt texture
Pros and cons:
Available in lots of different colors and textures, doesn't make concealer crease and it's easy to add to the color if needed.
- Can seem a little upfront on dry skin.
Suitable for: All skin types and when you want to freshen your look or shape the cheekbones

Qualities: Creamy color that covers well, gives a bedewed texture and stays moist
Pros and cons: 
+ Available in lots of colors and it's easy to apply by applying it with your fingers
- Where the color stays soft it can crease on the skin
Suitable for: Dry or mature skin and those who prefer blush that's also moisturizing 
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