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5 Tips to Eliminate Hair on the Body

For some girls, the presence of feathers in some areas of the body is indeed a disturbing thing.

However, to get fur-free skin, there are several methods you can do. Just choose as desired and make you comfortable.

1. Shaving
Shaving is the most common method used by most women. In addition to cheap and easy, shaving also does not involve pain like some other feather removal methods. Though you will get instant fur-free skin, but the hair will also grow quickly again. Do not shave too often to avoid irritation.

2. Unplug
The next feather removal method you can try is to remove the hair using the help of tweezer or tweezers. This method certainly makes you have more control in determining which part of the feather you want to remove. Plucking the hair down to the roots, thus making the hair grow longer. Unfortunately, this method can be considered quite painful and takes a long time, because tweezers can only pull one feather one by one. Usually tweezing is only done for the area of eyebrows and armpits.

3. Waxing
One of the most popular methods to remove feathers today is waxing. Waxing is a process of removal of fur using the help of wax is applied to the hairy area, then covered with a sheet of cloth, and drawn so that the fur attached to the wax come up. As a result, the wax on the area in the waxing will be immediately uprooted to the roots, so you can enjoy the skin free of fur in a long time. Only, this method is quite painful for you who are not used.

4. Cream
The use of hair removal cream can be considered quite popular in some countries such as the United States. Although its existence is not too popular, but in Indonesia itself there are some brands that offer hair removal cream that you can try. The trick is very easy! you just need to apply cream on the hairy area, silence it for a few minutes, then clean the cream using a spatula. The disturbing plume will immediately fall out and lifted along with the rest of the cream.

5. Electric Shaver
Electric shavers are not only available and used by gentlemen. Now, women can also enjoy the easy to shave feathers using electric shaver. If shaving is a method to remove the feathers most often you do, replacing them with electric shavers may be a consideration for you. Hmm, rather than having to buy a new shaver every 1 month, it looks like electric shavers will be more efficient, right?

So which method is most suitable for you?

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