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Tips from Experts to Reduce Hunger During a Diet

All diet fighters agree that the hardest thing when trying to lose weight is to resist hunger due to reduced food portions and changing diet.

For this reason, the fitness and lifestyle coach, Marci Nevin, provides some suggestions on how to manage food throughout the day so that it can reduce the hunger you feel.

No need to eat small portions. Marci suggests eating normal portions because they are more satisfying. Try eating a diet three or four times a day, with pauses of between four and five hours, which will help you not always think about food.

Prioritize protein in food. The great thing about lean proteins - like fish, tofu, eggs - is to help you stay full longer and keep hunger.

Don't forget high fiber food, high volume. "Foods such as fibrous vegetables, oatmeal, egg whites and low-calorie fruits allow you to eat more but fewer calories. Plus they will make you feel full, "said Marci.

Also include healthy fats. To make you feel full longer, include healthy fats like salmon, avocados, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Choose healthy foods that you like.
"Most hunger is related to how satisfied your food is. "Most likely you will feel hungry because you don't really enjoy your food," Marci said.

Limit unhealthy snacks. Snacks that are high in sugar and carbohydrates make you hungry faster and will crave more snacks.

Chew your calories, don't drink them. If you want to satisfy your hunger, you should chew your calories rather than drink it. The brain won't have time to know that you digest a lot of calories if you just drink it, which makes you hungry fast.

Choose calorie free drinks. "Like water, or tea and black coffee without sugar, which will keep you hydrated and keep your stomach from feeling hungry until it's time to eat again," advises Marci.

Source: womantalk.com

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