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Permanent Hair care for Sheen

Hair is the crown of the head. Without a head of hair look less attractive, especially for women. Physical condition, health and beauty hairdo able to add a person's appearance.

However, not everyone is blessed with beautiful shiny hair naturally. Need special care and treatment that hair can be held in accordance with the coveted. There are many factors that make our hair often looks dull and limp. With regular maintenance and painstaking annoying things that can be avoided.
You need to know there are some important factors that affect the beauty of the hair. The actual characteristics of someone's hair depends on several factors, including heredity influenced. Some genetic factors responsible for the condition of your hair naturally.
Besides, the hormone levels also have the same effect as important as genetic factors. Also environmental factors, especially air and water, which also has no less important impact on your hair every day. That's why everyone has had a bad day with the state of the hair that sucks.
However, with a little care it is a bad day with a limp and dull hair can be avoided. But this is not a permanent thing happens in all businesses. You need to exercise care in stages from day to day to get shiny hair is. The following tips:
• Develop healthy habits. If you are a smoker, then start now to stop this habit. Do exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and use relaxation techniques to relieve stress.
• Try to always sleep soundly every night. Do not carry the load before bed, because it can cause your sleep disturbed and blood circulation is not smooth make your hair so dull.
• If you use the products hairdressers and cosmetics, avoid products made with high concentrations of alcohol. Do not apply hair styling products directly on the scalp. It can cover the pores in your head, where it can damage your hair and scalp.
• Use a shampoo product quality and in accordance with the condition of your hair. Henna Shampoo Ainie such products which make hair shiny and healthy Ainie Egg shampoos that make hair strong. Highly recommended to use HOLLY Cuticle Hair Coat able add sparkle to your hair and strengthens the hair shaft, so it is not easily broken.
In addition to the care and treatment of good hair, combing hair also greatly affect health. As other parts of the body, hair also needs loved. Hair most easily damaged when wet. Thus, handling the hair with extra caution if the condition is still wet. Never comb wet hair, squeeze, or rubbing them vigorously with a towel.
Here are some tips combing and brushing the hair from being damaged:
• When combing your hair, body position leaning forward so the hair falls surpass your body.
• Use a comb-shaped oval brush to brush the hair from the neck to the tip ends of the hair. Then stand up and let your hair fall naturally and brush from the inside of the hair, from root to tip. Then brush the top into place with regular movements. Every movement ends with hair stroked by hand to reduce the effects of static. Do this every day.
• When combing, the hair into sections. With a wide-toothed comb, described the ends first. Never pull your hair.
• Never brush your hair when it is still wet. Describe the first end then slowly describe the top. Never tried to untangle matted hair from top to bottom.
Good luck, good luck ...! * Nov / Netz
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