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Use Moisturizer Supposedly

Women seemed inseparable from cosmetic products. Because the slightest exposure to the sun, the weather will be immediately busy looking skin moisturizing lotion body and face. Indeed all parts of the body needs moisturizing order to appear attractive, not only the skin of the hands, feet and face. All parts of the body from the head to the tip of the nail is in desperate need of quality moisturizers and different in kind.

In order to maintain its appearance, should womenfolk always provide 3 main types of moisturizers, ie for facial skin, body skin, and around the eyes. All three are areas prone and easily look dull / dry when moisture deficiency. To that note the following:
• Should choose the product that suits your skin condition. For areas such as the arms, legs and back, it would be better if you use oil-based cream or lotion. While the softer areas of the skin such as the face requires a lighter moisturizer without oil.
• For the area around the eyes are more sensitive, cream containing vitamin K or a green tea give better effect to keep moisture and skin elasticity. Although skin lotion for the body also contains the same nutrients, not necessarily good for the skin around the eyes. In fact, sometimes can cause a small nodule such as warts.
• The skin will absorb maximum moisture if you apply a moisturizer when the skin in humid conditions after bathing. This applies not only to the skin of the body, but also the skin.
• Avoid moisturizers containing strong fragrances to face. Usually these types of fragrances such as would cause allergic reactions and irritation. If you can select which no fragrance at all.
• A variety of moisturizing products with additional benefits available in the market, choose the most needed by your skin condition. Products containing SPF 15 or higher will protect you from the effects of sunlight.
• Moisturizing skin does not have forever to the skin. At the time of emergency, you can use it to hair that can not be neatly because of drought. Moisturizers also makes hair shinier.
• Try lotion as your fragrances and perfumes use only for a particular event. Search for body lotion with fragrance you like. Lotions effect softer fragrances and durable.
Now you have to know. Hopefully your insights about beauty and health is increasing. * Nov / Netz
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