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Not Need Anger If berhijab

Nowadays many Muslim women in Indonesia have been wearing the veil (hijab) in their daily life, whether at home, office, shopping, to recreation

With the condition of the hair that is always closed by the fabric, of the sweat on the scalp becomes more. But today more and more cloth used hijab able to absorb sweat well, so it is not easily generate the humidity and odor on the hair.
Hair care hijab is more in need of attention. And most important his hair was to be cut short, because long hair tied troublesome. Origin with proper care of all the problems will be resolved.
The following hair care tips headscarf or hijab to stay healthy:
1. Just because an invisible hair straight hair care continue to ignore the routine. It takes at least a minimum of 2 times a week our hair should be washed or washed.
2. Time shampoo or hair washing cultivated in the afternoon, so avoid direct sunlight.
3. Try dried out properly before the hijab or headscarf. The hair is still wet and sealed easily cause odor and could damage the hair in the long run.
4. Avoid combing hair while wet conditions. The goal is to prevent hair loss and cepel (not flowing well). When combing use a comb with a wide range beforehand. After all the well combed hair or no crumpled, only use part of the comb, which is denser.
5. Do not use the rubber for menguncir or hair tie. Today many available rubberised fabrics which are safer to use and do not tie your hair tightly. Tying the hair using a hair elastic band makes it difficult to breathe and is easy to be damaged.
6. When at home or room try free flowing hair, so the hair to breathe. When you feel hot, use tongs only.
7. Before going to bed, comb the hair slowly. Try to sleep position is placed on the head of hair.
Hopefully for those who use the hijab or headscarf no longer have problems with hair. And we still can boast of our hair as a crown. Good luck .....! * Fir / INEtz
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