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Glossy Makeup Without Visible Oily

Glossy makeup is becoming a trend lately. Healthy fresh skin appearance is key to today's beauty. Glossy makeup can indeed reflect the light better so the skin look more fresh.

However, when already wearing the makeup for too long, the oil content in the face generally increases. Glossy makeup is often mixed with oil on the face so unsightly.

One way to fix makeup is to re-apply it with powder. However, this will remove the glossy makeup. So how to fix this makeup from facial oil?

Makeup Artist Dhirman Putra recommends using a tissue to absorb excess oil. However, use flapping motion only, not rubbed.

"If you wipe the tissue stick on his face, and makeup disappear," said Dhirman in Jakarta, some time ago.

If oil is still visible, then you can use powder powder puff. Pat only on the face without having to put powder first.

"No need to use powder, because there is a glossy effect will be covered with powder, powder it makes matte Use only puff in oily areas," said Dhirman.
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