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Make Up for Women

Women are always related with makeup. 

Nowadays, women wear makeup not only for attending parties or hang out with their friends or colleagues, but also for their daily activities. Women wears make up to boost their appearances and confidence. Women likes to look more appealing and beautiful by wearing the makeup.

However, sometimes women are forgetting about the meaning of wearing makeup. Wearing makeup should be not covering their natural beauty but to boost their natural beauty to be more appealing.

Besides, women have to know about how and when they have to wear the makeup to match the situation she is in. For example, it will be not match if women wear full makeup --that usually wore for attending parties-- to come to her office every day. Or when attending the parties, she wears a simple make up that is not fit with her dress and the situation she is attend.

Thus, knowing about how and when women wear makeup in situation she is in is very important. Tips and tutorial for correct make up in every situation or event she is attended will help women to looks more gorgeous and appealing with their natural beauties, especially for their daily activities. Therefore, makeup tips on below will help women to boost their confidence with their appearances in daily activities, let’s check this out!

Wearing makeup in daily activities is based on how to look more natural with simple makeup. Wearing simple make up is the best tips for daily activities. Avoid wearing full makeup to make the face looks more natural.


Make up for Daily Activities


Wearing natural and simple makeup is very easy. At first, before wearing makeup, clean your face thoroughly, then wear the moisturizer to keep your skin moisture, especially for you who are work in room with Air-Conditioner’s on in every day.

After using the moisturizer, apply the foundation to your face. Choose the foundation that match your skin colour. Wearing liquid foundation is best choice for daily activities, because we have to remember that makeup for daily activities have to be simple and natural, yet still look elegant and beautiful. Furthermore, flatten foundation with your fingers. It's just one spreadable, not too thick.

For powder, choose powder with 1 level brighter than your skin color to shows lighter impression. For oily skin, it is advised to use loose powder than compact powder.


Natural Make up for Eyes

First of all, use eye shadow on the eyelid. For eye shadow, choose brown eye shadow. In addition to the results look more natural, brown eye shadow will also look nicer and appealing. To cover up dark circles under the eyes, use concealer. Choose a concealer that brighter than skin color. Flatten concealer until completely fused with makeup that is wore.
Next, frame your eyes with eye liner. You should select the type of eye liner pencil just so the results are not too thick so it will be looks more natural. Also, use an eyebrow pencil to shape eyebrows. For everyday makeup, you should choose a brown eyebrow pencil, and wear it thin, not too thick to keep its natural look.
Finally, use mascara. For mascara, you can choose to use it or not. If you want to use mascara, you should not use too thick, just one or two strokes only.
Now you have to know. Good luck !INEtz / Fir

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