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Treat Your Hair Loss Before

Bald hair loss begins from the outside limits of reasonableness.

Hair loss itself influenced by internal and external factors. Example: age, heredity (genes), the consumption of drugs, stress, until the hair improper treatment and pollution.
Here is an attempt avoid baldness hair:

1. Do not be too long in the sun (exposure to direct sunlight), because it will make the hair become dry and stress. This can lead to hair loss.
2. Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. Keep in mind that the brand is famous and expensive price is not a guarantee will make your hair healthy glow. Prioritize your hair skin compatibility with brand shampoo or conditioner that you've been using. Flit brand of shampoo is an action that is not quite right. Hair 'forced' to have to adjust in advance any change of use shampoo.
3. Reduce the use of chemicals intended to beautify the hair, for example, when performing rebounding, smoothing and curly. Frequent use of chemicals will make a healthy scalp and hair to decrease. Especially when you also often use a tool like a vise hair care, hair dryer and more. The more often done to make hair more stress, dry and brittle. It can be a trigger of scalp hair loss and baldness.
4. Do not comb your hair when it was still wet. Usually people will always comb my hair after every shampoo or the conditions are wet. It turned out that this habit will make your hair fall out more easily. Because when wet, the hair will be brittle.
5. Do not get used to tie your hair too strong, especially while sleeping. This is a cause of stress and hair becomes easy to fall off.

Nutrition is also needed hair. For that consume foods that contain lots of zinc so that your hair becomes stronger and healthier. Foods that contain zinc include spinach, soy, chocolate, crab, garlic, oysters, mushrooms, egg yolks, whole grains and red meat. By consuming these foods on a regular basis and the appropriate dose, it will make the hair adequate nutrition, so it is not easily stressed and fall.
May be useful. Good luck ...! * Fir / INEtz
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