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SIMPLE TIPS Hair Loss Overcome

Hair is the crown of every person. Strongly support the appearance of hair condition, for men and women. But what happens if our hair problems such as hair loss experienced. Of course we would panic and dizziness. It's unimaginable how about to fall steadily to go bald. Oh, do not get happen.

Energy and effort will be made to address this problem. No exception to come to the doctor, leading hair care salon, to the use of drugs and related cosmetic hair. Information here and there were sometimes obeyed.

Stop ...! Do not think hair loss trivial matters that can be resolved with retaining hair loss shampoo. Shampoo actually only serves to cleanse the scalp of dirt and oils and just cope with hair loss caused by hair shaft breakage. Meanwhile, the problem stems from the base of hair loss hair located on the scalp. So different target.

There are several factors that affect hair loss :

- Descendants

- Changes in hormones due to pregnancy

- Effect of medical treatment

- Unhealthy Lifestyle

As much as possible, every person wants to overcome hair loss naturally. If your choice is a natural care products, you will get a lot of benefits and no better way to get natural growth, natural products that can be derived from vitamins, minerals, herbal recipes that even possible given our ancestors.

You need intensive care that work up to the base of the hair, to help treat har loss. For example, use a hair tonic product that specifically works against the hardening of collagen and strengthen the base of the hair. Then, have a five-step hair loss below:


Consumption of foods rich in vitamin A, B, C, and E because these vitamins are very important for the growth of new hair.



Avoid smoking and doing a healthy lifestyle. The content contained in cigarettes can reduce blood circulation to the scalp, so the hair will quickly fall.



Research shows that ultraviolet can damage the scalp and prevent the growth of healthy hair. Use a hat or umbrella when you have to go outdoors when the weather is extreme.



Massage the scalp regularly with olive oil and jojoba. Because, these oils can help the growth of new hair.


5. USE NATURAL products

Avoid or at least reduce the use of treatments and styling products made from chemicals. Also avoid styling using harsh chemicals like hair straightening nature, coloring or bleaching. Do not over dry your hair with a high temperature (heat).


That care tips for addressing and treating hair loss. Hopefully this article increase your knowledge to treat hair loss, remember there is no 100% guarantee that this method will work but the results of the survey, many people can overcome from the problem of hair loss, may be useful. * Fir / INetz

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