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Tips for a Higher Body Look

Having a high body is every woman's dream, but what can be made if it turns out the desire is not achieved.

Having a high body is not the end of everything. In fact, many ways that can be done through some tricks to make the body look taller. With the right fashion tricks, the short body can look tall. Check out the following ways:

1. Choose a monochrome shirt

With monochrome clothes, it will successfully display a more level body. Try to choose colors such as black or white and also avoid having a motif on the clothing.

2. Use tops with V neck collar
Collar V is able to create the impression of a more level neck. So when you want to give a high effect on your appearance, V neck can be the right strategy for you.

3. Do not use oversized clothing
Oversized clothing is comfortable to use. But if your body is small, with the use of oversized clothing, it will make the body look smaller.

4. Do not use a wide belt
Although impressed stylish, but a wide belt can make the body look shorter. As a solution if you want to look at levels and simultaneously display the body silhouette, choose a belt with a slimmer width.

5. Use a small bag
Choose the size of the bag that suits you. Make sure to use a bag with small or medium size so it will look balanced when worn.
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