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5 People in Office Before Approached

In an office or company of course we will interact with many people, both working directly at the office, the company's working partners, or guests from various levels and interests to the company.

Success of an employee in an office / company is strongly influenced by its ability to adapt, skill, honesty, and dedication in carrying out various tasks and obligations stipulated by the company. Do not just work hard, success in the office also needs to be supported by its proximity to many in the neighborhood.
It is undeniable work in the office are interconnected to one another. One moment you certainly need the help or support of others. For that identify the 5 people you approach. Nothing wrong with a longer chat with them when passing in the office or meet for lunch, because they are 'people' that can be influential.

Office of the Assistant Secretary or Bos
He is the person most familiar with your boss. What favored the boss, how his mood, to his schedule. Recognizing the secretary will help you if need to schedule an impromptu meeting - as well as knowing the best time to see the boss.

Division of Human Resources and General Affairs
Good friends with one of the members of the HR department and the common parts is a good investment. Many things associated with office operations started here. Not to mention the recent news about the bonuses, holidays, salaries, and many more. You could receive special priority to requests from requests your new stationery to car booking office operations. Keep a good relationship is not just any relationship when it was needed.

Office Boy and Courier
It is undeniable, almost every day you need their help, ranging from photocopying to order lunch. It could even just for personal gain. Want to aid from the courier office boy and keep it running smoothly, always spoke kindly to them.
Every now and then it could not hurt to buy them one portion of food that your message or leave a tip. Of the many people in the office who need assistance office boy and courier office, of course you also have to win their attention for the convenience of everyday work. Of course you do not want your copy request more put aside while he bought dumplings order your friends who frequently be nice.

IT team
No harm familiar with the office IT team. Imagine how many requests he had received every day and you are one of them. With close friendships, he might want a little expedite your request compared to some other friends who often underestimate them. Do not forget to always say thank you personally and there is no harm in asking them to join to hang out after the home office. In addition to their new friends, a lot of science that can be learned from them.

Si Biang Gossip
In the office is difficult to avoid the existence of the gossip. This person can be anyone and in any position. Although very annoying, but the gossip is a person who always knew the development of rumors about the office, including matters related personal things of employees in the office. Do not be hostile to it unless you are ready to become the playthings. Nothing wrong friends with the gossip. Besides getting the latest gossip, you can also learn what behavior is desirable and undesirable majority of occupants office. But remember, do not get involved gossip and are included in this group. Enough so good listener just in order to get information that is important and positive for you and your company.

Regardless of the approach to many parties, is still honing your abilities and accomplishments. Because it is more important in determining your career in an office / company. * Nov / Netz

Expel Stress at the Office
Routines, the workload increased, and a multitude of problems in the office intractable often makes us under stress. Moreover, the completion deadline schedule awaited employment report continues, slowly so that the pressure on our psychological ekskalasinya continue to rise. However, all problems can be overcome, as long as you know how.
To avoid stress conditions due to the work that can make your performance actually declined, following tips that can be followed eliminate stress.

1. Inhale long
This method is the easiest way to cool down. Have been many studies that prove, took a deep breath can make blood flow and oxygen to the brain back in order. So when a deep breath, someone will feel the comfort and sense of relaxation. Stop for a moment from work, and draw a long breath for 5-10 minutes. You will feel calmer, and stress that hit will subside.

2. Move
Get up from your chair and take a walk for a while. If possible, get out of the office building for a moment to enjoy the wind and sun. Moving will help your muscles are stiff to be more laid back and relaxed. It also can help relieve stress.

3. Laugh
Laughter can stimulate endorphins, or better known as the "happy" hormones. With a laugh, all the weights you will feel lighter. See funny videos, read books or bantering humor shortly with colleagues can be your choice.

4. Use flip-flops
It seemed simple, but with a casual style, you will feel calmer. No need to wear flip-flops from the house, simply replacing your shoes with slippers that you have provided in the office. You will feel more relaxed.

5. Replace the ambience
If possible, try asking your boss for permission to work from elsewhere. For example a cozy coffee shop. Different atmosphere will make you more open mind.

Hopefully after running these tips you are no longer easily under stress. Good luck ..! * Nov / Netz
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