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Appear Beautiful is Fun

Why women should look beautiful? Because it's pretty fun and soothing.

No wonder every woman can look beautiful dream forever. Of course not easy to realize that dream. However, this can be realized only natural, as long as you are diligent in taking care of cleanliness and personal hygiene.
When dark spots, wrinkles and other signs of aging to come, the hearts of the women became restless. They were willing to reach into his pocket to in just for the sake of beautifying themselves. Cosmetics and beauty care packages worth millions of rupiah was ditebusnya. Yet look beautiful not to be as expensive as it was. Actually, with a few simple steps, you can still look beautiful naturally much longer. Use only natural cosmetics. No need to overdo it. Moreover, just for the sake of chasing prestige products 'overseas department'. Rest assured that the bodily pretty simple as long as you support with inner beauty.
Here are some tips so you look much more fresh and beautiful:

Enough sleep
Before you sleep, leaving 15 minutes for the practice of meditation. This meditation is done gradually over a month. At the time you meditate, turn off the lights of your room and forget for a moment the things on your mind, concentrate on the atmosphere of your room dark, because darkness can give peace, so you will feel the quality sleep.

Treat your hands
Try to see your hand, is it still looks fresh? If nascent wrinkle or look dull, it seems you are required to provide extra care for hands. Many women do not realize that the hand better reflect their age compared with a face, for the hands to work harder than your face. Perform maintenance on hand, you can choose nail polish to mensiasatinya, as many studies suggest that the nail polish can provide solutions to show the impression of well-maintained and younger as well as stylish. Choose light-colored nail polish, for a younger image.

Extra attention to the neck
Signs of aging are also clearly visible on the neck. Give the right cream on the neck to prevent wrinkles gnawing. Wear sunscreen SPF 30 every day. Face cream with the right ingredients can also be selected, such as green tea and a combination of vitamins C and E.

Refine your skin with Foundation
Some people think that wearing the same foundation by wearing a mask. However, if the proper use will make the skin more radiant and younger looking. Choose a liquid foundation with extra moisture. Previously, apply moisturizer. Do not use your hands, use a sponge so that the application better foundation.

Notice the hair
Customize with your age, skin color and face shape. Right little trick can make your hair look healthier. Use a shampoo that could grow your hair and apply conditioner according to the type of hair.

In addition to some of the above, proper food intake is very important to look beautiful longer. Good luck ...! * Fir / INetz
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