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Prevent Wrinkles on the Face

Naturopathy doctors and detoxification specialists Riani Susanto, ND, CT explain that aging of the skin is partly due to contamination of toxic substances in skin cells, poor oxygen circulation, shrinking of skin tissue due to fatty acid deficiency, and muscle mass. Wrinkles and rough skin textures are a sign of poor levels of cholesterol under the skin.

There are several things you can do to reduce wrinkling of skin tissue, especially in the face.
- Detoxify the liver by drinking carrot / cucumber juice once a week.
- Drinking warm water mixed with lemon juice. The lemon bleach can be rubbed gently on the dark spots on the face.
- Use serum to increase water content and help improve collagen under the skin.
- Every day wear Laurent Whitening Day Cream + UV Filter or Laurent Whitening Day Cream + UV Filter Foundation. UV Filter to avoid solar radiation, because the more often we are exposed to sunlight, the faster the facial skin aging or dull.
- Leave the habit of smoking or avoid smoking smoking environment. Stay away from stress and get enough sleep at night.
- Wash your face with water and a suitable face soap before bed and in the morning. Order: wash your face, then wipe the toner, moisturizer, sublock, eye cream, loose powder, and last make-up.

Most importantly, do mild exercise, be more optimistic about life, eat antioxidant-rich fiber foods, and diligently take care of the skin. Good luck, hopefully you will again look more beautiful and youthful.

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