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Causes Skin Easy Wrinkles

Everyone will experience skin wrinkles, because this is a natural process as you get older. Maybe we're afraid that the wrinkles and sagging skins come up earlier.

Many women are competing to find a way to keep skin from slack. Start the traditional way, the use of various anti-aging creams, to desperate surgery.

Skin will be good because we care and painstaking care. In addition we also understand how to avoid skin exposed to frequent sunlight and exposure to pollution. Good skin care and proper vitamin consumption can also keep the skin firm and not easily wrinkled. There are several things that must be understood why the skin becomes wrinkles fast.

1. Lack of water in your body

Water is certainly very healthy for the health of our bodies. Not only the body, for the skin any water has a very useful properties. Lack of drinking water, can cause the body to absorb water content in the skin so that the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. In addition, water can protect the skin from the outside, as well as moisturize and healthy.

To maximize wrinkle prevention, it is recommended to drink 10 glasses of water a day.

2. Lack of vitamins for the skin

Lack of vitamin intake in your body can cause wrinkles. if you do not like fruits and vegetables, think again. Fruits and vegetables, such as raspberries, blueberries, red peppers and spinach contain antioxidants that can allow your skin to be more awake from the onset of wrinkles. The role of antioxidants greatly affects hormone repair in your skin. So by eating fruits and vegetables, also foods rich in vitamin C and E, can restore the light and firmness of your skin.

3. Lack of collagen component

Collagen is a major component of the dermis skin layer (the bottom of the epidermis) made by fibroblast cells. When the production of collagen decreases with age, the impact of money is the increase in "dry skin" and its elasticity, so the skin becomes sagging. It is therefore advisable for you to use serum collagen. This serum comes from collagen animals and plants that contain amine acids that work to increase the nutrients in the skin. So the skin will feel tight and smooth.

4. Sleeping position is less precise

At the age you are now, collagen tissue contained in the skin is not as strong and tight as when teenagers. This causes the skin to become more sensitized. Slanted sleep position makes the skin come into contact with the pillow you are wearing. So, without you knowing your skin has formed lines on that part. According to Neil Sadick, MD, professor of clinical dermatology in New York City, the skin in old age can change shape easily, unlike the skin in adolescence. Thus, it is advisable for you to change the position of sloping sleep, to supine. When you sleep on your back, it's good for your blood circulation, it's also good for your skin's firmness structure.

5. How to view

As before, that in the age that no longer teenagers, the skin tends to be sensitive. You may never have guessed that the way you look can affect your wrinkles. It is said by Dr. Hirsch, when you look with a squint, or frown, at this moment will appear lines on the area around your forehead. So, if you have a problem with your eyesight, it's a good idea to get your hands checked, so that your poor vision will affect your delicate skin.

6. Lineage

Wrinkles are not just an aging process. Many among some people, have wrinkles even when they have not entered old age. This makes Alex A. Khadavi MD a leather expert in LA concluded that genetic factors also affect skin wrinkling. It's good as soon as you observe the skin of your parents or grandparents. From there. can you compare, at what age did the wrinkles start on them. So you can predict when it will also happen to you. However, to minimize the appearance of wrinkles on your skin, regularly use sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. At least this will delay the process of wrinkles on your skin.

7. Expression that is too expressive

Regardless of age or genetics, your expression on the face, also greatly affects the appearance of wrinkles. If you tend to use a lot of facial expressions, such as frowning, laughing broadly or raising the muscles of the forehead with wonder, facial skin tends to form the lines that have been caused by your facial expression. Treatments are often an alternative in this case is Botox, Restylane or juvederm.

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