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Whiten Natural Skin with Lemon

Lemon fruit was able to fade black spots on the face and whiten our skin naturally.

Lemon juice can also be a solution for those who have oily skin. There are several things to note in the use of lemon.

  • Use a Fresh Lemon. The lemon juice that can be used comes from the lemon directly, not from the bottles purchased at the store. Lemon in beverage for drinks has been mixed with water and use preservatives to keep the freshness. We can only use fresh lemon fruit that we squeeze out directly.
  • Test the lemon juice first, to make sure whether the lemon juice is suitable for our skin. First, clean the elbow folds, rub with lemon juice on the part. Second, let stand for 24 hours, if no reaction of any possibility is safe for our skin. If it feels sore or hot like tebakar, rinse immediately and do not use it.
  • To make lemon juice bleach, how to cut lemon half as much and remove the seeds. Take lemon juice by using a squeezer, to get the juice of lemon juice that is already in liquid form.
  • Before applying lemon juice, clean the face / part of skin to be enlightened, then dry. Apply lemon juice to the face / our other skin. If it feels stinging, immediately rinse with water. That means the lemon juice is too hard for our skin.
  • Black spots are a concentrated collection of melanin, in which melanin is a pigment that colors human skin. In people with blond hair is usually brown, light brown, or reddish, which usually appears on the face, neck, and shoulders. To remove these spots, we can use lemon juice. The acidic nature of this fruit will brighten our skin but it takes time to see the results, and the results obtained are only temporary (not permanent). When we go out without wearing a protector (sunscreen), the spots will return.
  • To be more practical the extract of lemon juice in a spray bottle, then spray on the skin to be enlightened / there are black spots. In addition we can directly rub the lemon slices on the skin. Let stand for about 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Lemon juice is a safe natural medicine, but if we have allergies to the skin should not use this treatment. In addition there are other things we need to consider, including:

  • If it feels like a rash / sore / sting / burning heat avoid this treatment.
  • Avoid sunlight when there is lemon juice in our skin, because lemon juice is very sensitive to sunlight, which will cause the opposite effect of darkening the skin or cause burns. So make sure our skin is free from lemon juice when out of the house.
  • Avoid using lemon juice in the area near the eyes, or eyelids, as it may sting and burn.
  •  Lemon juice is like astringent, so people who have dry skin will feel that lemon juice is too hard for their skin. Not recommended to use for those who have dry skin.

In conclusion, the use of natural lemon juice is limited to enlighten some levels on it, with results that are not permanent. So do not expect perfect results. Even so this way is very helpful in our daily appearance. Good luck.

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