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Beautify Skin Extracts Goat Milk

Have white skin clean and glowing certainly a dream of all women.

Various efforts have been undertaken to get gorgeous skin envisioned. One of them uses based skin care goat's milk. It is said that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt routine care of his body with goat's milk, good for bathing, scrub or mask. With a softer texture, goat milk composition is believed to contain substances that are more complex than cow's milk or buffalo. Besides beneficial to health, goat milk is also believed to be useful for the treatment of skin, because it can make your skin moist, supple and clean glow.
In the modern era, goat milk extract has been used in the industrial manufacture of cosmetics. Goat milk extract was mixed with various other materials to be packed into soap, body lotion, shower gel, facial creams and other skin care. The use of goat milk extract relative does not cause irritation, so many consumers are interested in using it. In general, cosmetics containing extracts of goat milk is believed to soften, soften, brighten and prevent skin diseases. Besides goat milk extract is able to eliminate body odor.
In the cosmetics industry there are a few things that make the products made from goat milk extract in great demand. First, is able to soften and moisturize the skin. The pH level is the same as the skin. Goat milk soap suitable because it has a pH level that is very similar to our skin. Thus the goat milk is gentle to the skin. Goat milk also contains protein, fat, iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B, and vitamin A is high, which can make the skin becomes soft and elastic.
Second, able to cope with acne. Soap containing extracts of goat milk must also contain natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which is an element of the natural exfoliation which removes dead skin cells from our skin. Hence, indirectly also able to improve the condition of acne. Vitamins are contained in goat milk has some anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of acne. The content of active ingredient in the formula goat milk soap is able to cope with the symptoms of acne optimal then naturally eliminates spots acne scars.
Third, can brighten the skin. The content in goat milk can soften the skin and make the skin become clean, bright and glowing. The extract of goat milk is also very suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and who have skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. The content in goat milk were able to neutralize the skin from dryness and also can normalize the skin tends to be oily. In general cosmetics containing extracts of goat milk also contains natural ingredients that can address skin disorders due to exposure to solar radiation, especially for those living in the tropics. The use of soap, lotion or cream containing extract of goat milk regularly can prevent the skin becomes rough, dry and dull.
Fourth, able to regenerate skin. Goat milk contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acid such as lactic acid, which helps eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of our skin. Various vitamin content contained in a lotion or body scrub goat's milk can be used to perform the repair process of skin cells that have been damaged, so the lotion or body scrub goat's milk can help to nourish the skin, breaking the bonds of dead skin cells, remove skin cells die and beautify the skin.
Fifth, can prevent skin cancer. Cosmetics containing goat milk extract contains minerals that are essential for skin health. Mineral selenium contained in goat milk is believed to overcome the damage to the skin and prevent skin cancer.
With a variety of special benefits for the skin, then we must be selective in choosing a cosmetic product containing extracts of goat's milk in order to get optimal results. Moreover, cosmetic products containing extracts of goat milk is sold at a price many are quite expensive.
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Do not choose the wrong product! Use of cosmetic products that have been tested and meet the quality standards Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as well as registered and certified BPOM MUI. Good luck ...! * Fir / INEtz
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