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Tips to Stay All Day Fragrance

For the man or woman in an office, perfumes or fragrances become an important element in the move.

Perfume not only makes the body becomes fragrant, but the scent of perfume also can be uplifting and enjoyable feeling when saturated or tired ambushed in the middle of the routine work. Fragrances that fit well can make the wearer and those around them become more relaxed.
But that favorite perfume fragrance lasts all day, there are some secrets that you should know:
1. Wear 1 Hour Before Activity
Spray perfume in the body of at least one hour before the move. This step can give time to perfume to react to the oil produced by the oil glands of the skin, resulting in perfume will work a maximum of 1 hour later.
2. Use Body Care Products applying Layering.
Currently body care products are made in one theme aroma, consisting of soap, body lotion and perfume. This system is known as layering. The same scent on every product will reinforce the fragrance emanating from the body, and last longer.
3. Apply / spray perfume on pulse points
Spray it on the neck and the inner wrist. Keep away from imitation jewelery
4. Use a fragrance after a bath when the body is still damp
5. Maintain fragrance
If you use a scented moisturizer and perfume (perfume), apply first perfume. Thus, the alcohol will evaporate and the cream will lock the fragrance of your perfume.
As well as clothing, fragrances also have a trend.
Psychologically, it is known that fragrances can affect a person's work performance. However, any impact of different aromas, some scents of flowers and fruits are known to stimulate the morale.
If you like the freshness that you get after shower, the fragrance with the fresh scent is suitable for you. Scents of this type is usually the main ingredient is fruit such as oranges, lemons, or other types of green plants (green notes) like grass pine, fir. The aroma of herbs, especially fresh aroma of fruit and water is able to provide freshness to your body and mind to perform the activity, so do not be surprised if the fresh fragrance is favored by those who sportsmanship, as well as active and have a variety of activities. Scents of this type correspond at all to accompany your daily activities.
While the type of floral fragrances generally have a memorable aroma of sweet, because the alloys consist of various types of flowers. Of all the types of flowers, usually there is one such prominent aroma of rose, jasmine, and indigo flowers (lavender). In addition to the sweet aroma, fragrance usually also have a kind of floral scents such as talc so it felt very "feminine".
In addition to giving a sense of soothing, according to research conducted smell and taste treatment and research foundation in the US, other benefits of the type of floral fragrances can accelerate the work of the brain to absorb information, as well as expedite the process of communication. Therefore, if you want to attend an important meeting, could use scented floral fragrances.

Use appropriately
The use of perfume was indeed require some specific tips, so the use of appropriate and effective. Recommended use is intended for the important area around the elbow and the back of the heel, ankle, neck and cleavage. Consider carefully the use of perfumes in various situations. Use perfumes that fit in several product variants. Starting with this type of gel in the shower or bath, and then rubbed with body lotion, after bath or spray with perfume materials were worth it. As the final stage, it helps to use the perfume lines selected. The use of lotions will cause extra special feeling and pampering.
To maintain a steady aroma fragrance, the bottle should be tightly closed and away from direct sunlight.
Well, now you can define your own, where the fragrances that suit your character. Good luck! Fir / INEtz
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