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5 Tips for Choosing a Leather Jacket

Many leather jackets are loved by young people in Indonesia. Starting from guys to girls.

But unfortunately, there are still many who do not understand how to choose a good leather jacket. To not waste money, try reading the things below.

1. Shoulder: perfect is a must
Leather jackets are special. He can't be compared to jumpers or other jackets which, if oversized, can still look cool. Once oversized on the shoulders, a leather jacket will make your body look disproportionate and not as dashing as if you borrow your friend's leather jacket.

Don't be too small because it will limit your movement. You have to understand that leather jackets are your second skin. He must be comfortable and fit to wear.

2. Arm length: better than excess lack

The shoulders of the leather jacket must be right, but the length of the sleeves must be excessive. You have to know that the initial leather jacket is worn for motorcycle driving, not for style.

Therefore, to maintain the essence of your leather jacket, the length of his arm must be excessive. That's to protect your wrists because when driving a motorcycle, the jacket sleeves will definitely be pulled back. Remember, first is function, then fashion.

3. Arm hole: everyone needs a space in their life
Arm holes are an important part of the issue of freedom of movement. Don't let your arm's hole be too small because it will make you uncomfortable and limit your movements.

For the arm hole in the armpit area, do not get too wide, aka it looks hanging. That will make you look ugly and look limp.

4. Jacket length: short is modernity today
It's not the era for stands. Examples of short skirts are generally more fashionable than long skirts. That also applies to leather jackets.

For now, the most suitable for the length of the leather jacket is up to the waist. But that applies to jackets other than trench and fatigue jackets.

Oh yeah, if your shirt is longer than your leather jacket, you can try to put it in your pants so it doesn't stick out under the jacket.

5. Collar and pocket: what is better than a flat

Because generally leather jackets are worn by boys and more accentuate masculinity, good for collars and pockets look flat on the chest. This is to make you look upright. In addition, the pocket that is right on the chest will be more functional and comfortable, making it easier for you to put and remove something from your pocket.

That's tips for you to choose a leather jacket. Anyway, don't make the wrong choice, lose money while failing coolly.

Source: www.idntimes.com
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