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Avoid These 4 Foods To Be Free of Eye Pouches in the Morning

Waking up with an eye bag and looking tired must not be every woman's dream. But sometimes there are many causes that can cause eye bags in the morning, one of which is due to food.

As reported by Allwomanstalk, Tuesday (5/6/2018), these four foods that can make eyes swollen and pockets in the morning.

1. Fast food

Fast food or so-called fast food has high sodium or salt content, more than 2000 milligrams. This amount has exceeded the daily body salt requirement. Ultimately excessive salt in the body can cause inflammation and one of them appears swollen under the eyes, also called eye bags.

2. Canned food

Similar to fast food, canned food or other containers of high salt and MSG. Instant foods like this also easily lead to inflammation. So do not be surprised if the night to eat canned food, in the morning you will find a swollen face and a thick eye pocket.

3. Wheat bread

This type of bread may be healthy for some people, but not for those who have wheat allergies. Eating whole grain bread can cause swelling and eye bags and flatulence in people who are allergic.

4. Dairy preparations

For those who are milk intolerant, dairy products like yogurt, cheese and regular milk are foods that can cause swelling. Need to drink lots of water to reduce swelling.

So, if you do not want to have an eye bag in the morning, make sure not to consume the food or drink yes.

Source: Liputan6.com
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