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Panda Eye Handling Tips Use Cucumber

Eyes become one part of a person's body that can make someone look charming and impressive.

Eyes that are healthy, shining and free of panda eye problems or eye bags make a person's appearance more optimal.

But unfortunately, the habit of sleeping too late, stress and work that requires someone to be in front of a gadget or computer for a long time can make someone have an eye bag. Not only eye bags, unhealthy lifestyles also make the area under one's eyes easier to wrinkle.

Regarding the problem of eye bags and panda eyes, actually this can be overcome by using natural ingredients. Launching from page boldsky.com, one of the natural ingredients for dealing with eye bags and panda eyes is cucumber.

Experts say that nutrition and vitamin content in cucumbers are very good in disguising blemishes on the skin. The nutrients contained in this cucumber are also very good in nature to refresh the eye area. The water content in many cucumbers, this will also moisturize the eyes naturally very well.

How to use cucumber to deal with panda eyes or eye bags alone is very easy. You simply slice the cucumber and then paste it in the eye area. Leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes. You can also make a cucumber mask by smoothing it and applying it to the skin of the eye area.

Very easy way isn't it? Hopefully this information is useful and good luck. But remember, not all skin types are suitable when using this treatment. If irritation occurs during treatment, immediately rinse the eye area with water and compress with ice water.

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