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Terms In World Cosmetics

Often we find the term in a cosmetic product that feels strange.

Ignorance it often raises doubts in the use of cosmetic products that include the term the less familiar. For that you need to be familiar with the following terms to be more resourceful and know its usefulness.

Functioning attract and retain moisture in the skin. Glycerine, a natural humectant cheapest, most widely used in cosmetics at economical prices. Hyaluronic acid, which is more expensive, is found in creams expensive.
Objective: Smooth and provide nutrients to the skin.

Light-reflecting particles
Also called optical diffusers, used in eye creams. Usually made from mineral sources such as titanium. Serves to reflect light so that the skin look brighter.
Objective: Beautify.

The fat cells in the skin that helps form the cover and prevent fluid loss. Hot water and harsh soaps can eliminate lipids. So is the sun. A cream containing a synthetic version promises to help replace lost lipids.
Objective: Protect.

Also known as nanospheres. Used to transport anti-aging ingredients into the skin. Cream with cutting-edge technologies that claim to use a smaller lipids, which is said to be able to go deeper into the skin and will release the active ingredient in a longer period of time. Therefore, some specific products using the term 'time release'.
Objective: Provide nutrition.

Such ingredients into the fine lines without causing harm to produce smoother and more toned.
Objective: Beautify.

Stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF number on the product indicates the level of protection. For example, the SPF number 5 means you can be in the sun five times longer than the usual time to make the skin turn red.
Objective: Protect.

Well now you understand better. Hopefully useful. * Fir / INEtz / CNG sources
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