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Avoid 6 Mistakes When Using Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product commonly used by women. But so far not many women are adept at using eyeshadow, so often lazy to use it.

Indeed, if we are not in the proper use of eyeshadow will actually make the look of a neat make up a mess.

But you no need be discouraged. You can still look beautiful with eye shadow, as long as avoid the following mistakes:

1. Use a small applicator

Generally, if you buy a small eyeshadow palette, you will also get an applicator to use the eyeshadow. But usually the applicator is not easy to use and the quality is not good a makeup brush that you can buy separately.

Sponge-shaped applicators can display quite a lot of color on the eyelids, but are not able to make the appearance look natural or fused sem. So you should use a special brush when you apply with eyeshadow.

2. Not confounded

One special trick to make the appearance look attractive is to blend it, especially if you use two different colors to form gradations on the eyes. Do not let any visible lines appear on the part of the eye, which makes the blush look too thick. You will need a blending brush or a special brush to blend eyeshadow so it looks soft and beautiful.

3. Too much eyeshadow on the bottom of the eye

You may be inspired by the style of smokey eyes, the use of blush on the top and bottom of the eye. But wearing too much blush on the bottom of the eye can actually make your eyes look tired. Better to use pencil eyeliner for the bottom of the eye, then mixed with a cotton bud or a special brush so it looks more interesting.

4. Wearing eyeshadow after concealer

Concealer commonly used to disguise dark circles on the bottom of the eye or black spots on the face. We recommend using blenders before you use concealer. If you wear concealer first, usually when wearing eyeshadow, there are powders that fall under the eyes. As a result, you should have to work twice to clean eyeshadow powder and repeat using concealer.

5. Eyeshadow with shimmer effect on wrinkled skin

For those of you who already have wrinkles on the eye, you should avoid eyeshadow with shimmer or glitter effect. This type of eyeshadow can make the wrinkles look more real and ultimately make your eye makeup look unattractive. Instead, choose a matte type eyeshadow that can disguise the wrinkles.

6. Do not wear eyeliner and mascara

If you already wear eye shadow, do not forget about eyeliner and mascara. It's all a set of eye makeup. Mascara and eyeliner will be the frame of your eyes, while the eye shadow can make the eye dimension more interesting. When you only wear eyeshadow without mascara and eyeliner, your eyes will look unattractive.

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