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10 Tips to Beautify Nails

On the wedding day course every woman wants to look pretty stunning.

Not just the face and appearance need to be prepared, but also the hands and nails into the limelight. Special time your husband will be attached a ring on the finger. For that your fingers have to look attractive. Here are 10 tips to maintain and beautify your nails.
1. Do manicure once a week. If the cost of a manicure too expensive you can try at home every week and to the salon once a month.
2. Schedule a manicure the day before the wedding day so that your nails will look fresh.
3. Strengthen your nails by drinking a mixture of orange juice and Knox gelatin once a week. For maximum results do one month before the wedding day.
4. If you have a habit of biting your nails or like, go to the drugstore and buy a nail varnish which tasted bad so you do not want to bite him again. Use the two months prior to the wedding day.
5. Use rubber gloves while you wash that protects the nail from detergent and water. When you use a hand cream at night, you should your hands covered with gloves made of cotton thereby increasing the effectiveness of hand cream.
6. Wash your hands with warm water containing your favorite shampoo or hand soap (do not use soap dish soap because it has too much soda that is not good for the skin).
7. Make a mixture of sugar and cream or moisturizing oil with a ratio of 2: 1 and massage your hands with the mixture for 5 minutes. Massaging not only removes dead skin but also improves blood circulation.
8. Use a soft pengikir for shaping nails. Coat your nails with a base coat in advance to cover the surface of the nail.
9. Then use nail polish with your favorite colors. French manicure is very famous. If you like trying new things, use a color that is not as common as pink used. For example opal color, slightly golden, or silver.
10. Do not forget to wear a top coat to keep your nail polish are not easily separated.
Good luck ...! * Nov / Netz
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