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Gorgeous Fresh With Beauty Makeover

Beauty makeover is one way that can be used to change the appearance of a woman.

Beauty makeover aimed to change the appearance of make-up today, that may have been not up to date or not interesting to be a new look.
Successful makeover will make a woman look beautiful and young, as well as appear fresher. Makeover is not only unsightly, but also can instill confidence and feel more sexy.

Make-up Tones
Has a smooth skin is the key to good makeup. Acne or damaged skin can undermine efforts to achieve optimal beauty makeover. Begin the process of beauty makeover by downloading a skin scrub.
Apply moisturizer all over your face and neck. Use the liquid and dab concealer on top of black spots or redness on the face.
If your face is very red, use a yellow concealer to cover it. Use liquid highlighter to disguise dark circles under the eyes and the color unevenness of skin around the eyes.
Before applying foundation, do the "cheek test" fast. Rather than test the shading makeup in hand, do a test on the cheeks and jaw line. Use make-up that is closest to your skin tone.
If using make-up liquid, apply it with a sponge, start from the forehead and then downwards. The addition of mineral powder will create a very good finish, but must be applied with a kabuki brush make-up brush that is wide with short handles.
Apply mineral powder in a circular motion on the face using a kabuki brush. After applying make-up, use a fine powder with matching color to give a soft impression on the face.

Use a separate brush for applying blush, not a small brush which is usually inherited from the product blush. Slowly turn the brush into blush, remove the excess blush.
Blush brush forwards from the right hair line at the top of the cheekbones. Do the same on both cheeks. Then apply blush on vaguely to the nose, forehead, and chin.

Eyes and Lips
There are many ways to apply eye makeup. You may need to practice to find the right look.
See eye makeup nice base consists of a sweep of bright eyeshadow on the eyelids. Use a slightly darker color to accent the eye bone, starting from the outside to the inside.
Use black eyeliner on the top of the eye. Start from the outside, draw a small line along the lash line up to go through all of the eyelid.
When wearing mascara, use a mascara brush is soft edges, apply two or three layers of mascara.
Outline the lips using a lip liner, then add lipstick to give color to the lips, as well as complete the look your makeup.

Congratulations practice, good luck ...! * Fir / INEtz
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