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How to understand and treat our skin

People say that normal skin type is perfect. In fact, if we do not know the treatment tricks, normal skin is also vulnerable to acne.

If you think that oily skin can be cleaned with cleaner and freshener for dry skin with the intention of making the skin come to dry or at least decreases the oil content, then the idea is totally wrong. The correct way is to use a special facial cleanser for oily skin as a daily treatment that works to reduce and control excessive oil level.

Did you know that skin problem does not only lie in the ways of cleansing to powerfully ward off acne? Other problems are such as enlarged pores, pigmentation and dull face. The problem of enlarged pores is clearly a consequence although there are now medications that can shrink pores, though not perfect.

Dry skin type does not cause acne but if early treatment is not applied, the problem of wrinkles or premature aging is inevitable, and pigmentation and tired face problems can also occur. Thus, the skin needs protection such as provision of vitamins or special protector that is very necessary to maintain a healthy and fresh face.

Do you have normal skin that is the desire of every person? This skin type rarely has problem with acne because it is neither oily nor dry that aging is not a threat. If you already have normal skin then you only have to do regular treatment and do not be too tempted with beauty products that promise this and that.

Contraception and Wrong Cleansing Effect

Very sensitive and thin skin tissue including eyelids, lips, facial skin and neck must be treated extra careful. The safe types of cleaners are such as soaps, cleansers, toners and vitamins. Eyelids and lips are necessarily be cleaned to make them appear crisp and fresh. What is needed is warm water or vitamin and do not use cleanser because it is too strong.
In addition to cleansing which is an external factor, the common problems arise are acne, pigmentation caused by 'contraception' effect such as pills, injections, implants, or even caused by sunlight which resulted in tired, dull and rough facial skin (lassitude). The impact of the use of contraceptives could be brown or black spots or even acne.
At the age of entering adulthood, acne usually goes away naturally. However, if acne remains at the age of adulthood, it is most likely caused by hormonal or genetic factors. Acne is also very possible to appear due to the use of facial skin cleanser which is not suitable with the skin type.
Oily skin is generally the type of skin with the most frequent problems. This type of skin is vulnerable to acne because the pores are enlarged due to high secretion frequency of oil glands, resulting in pores covered by oil, dust or other impurities.

Select the Tested Cosmetics
For most women, applying cosmetics is mandatory. Ironically, although cosmetics have become a part of women, there are only very few important things about cosmetics that the women know. They are lack of knowledge such as how to buy beauty products that are safe or how to test cosmetics.
Of all the cosmetics on offer, you better use products made specifically for tropical areas. Cosmetics for tropical areas have undergone research so that the percentage of failure on the skin will be very small because it is made specifically for tropical skin such as Asian skin which is definitely different from non-tropical (European) skin. Or else, look for products that have undergone medical test. There are not many products that apply it but such product is safety guaranteed.
If you want to try a product, try it on the ear lobe and inner arm. The parts have the same sensitivity as facial skin. If you want to know the reaction, it can be seen after 48 hours. If it causes hives or flushed skin, it means that irritation has occurred. To be safe, stop for 2 weeks and then you will be able to know the new cosmetic’s reaction perfectly.

Begin with Skin Care
Skin care for a woman should be started since teenager, about 5 years old. Once we know when to begin the skin care, the next step is to correctly identify the type of skin and do not change cleanser except according to skin type. For face with problems, medication has to go together with skin care, cannot go separately.
Skin experiences regeneration every 2-3 weeks or after 4-2 days, so it would be good if you do facial every month or at the time of regeneration. For oily skin, facial can be done every 2 weeks. In addition to removing dead skin cells that cannot go away naturally, facial also clear up dirt perfectly.
Facial which consists of cleansing, massage, peeling, and mask is very useful. Peeling works to open the pores that enable it to remove dirt easily, including immature acne/blackheads, while mask makes the face look firmer and enable good blood circulation. Therefore, regular use of mask every 2 weeks is obviously very good in addition to supporting beauty.
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