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Fallacy When Wanted Appear Beautiful

Many things that cause you lazy concerns the health and beauty of facial skin and hair thoroughly.

Although actually, anyone wanting to have facial skin and beautiful hair. Mistakes most often made women are lazy to take care of facial skin hygiene or cleaning the rest of the make-up of the face. Especially when I go home at night, for example, there is a new or existing way the party affairs until night.
Though not lift the make-up before going to bed, causing the material make-up mixed with sweat, dirt. And that would certainly close the pores of your skin. It can also cause premature aging. Because it is said, the process of natural skin peel and replace the outer layer of skin every 24 hours.
Therefore, if by chance you forget or often due to fatigue does not clean the skin, we recommend that you clean the next day with a facial scrub. Which point to lift dead skin cells.
Often anyway you choose the wrong foundation or foundation. Though choosing the right foundation is the first step to the right makeup. When going to buy should be putting under the cheekbones, and you look outside the room, with a small glass. Color accuracy is very important.
It should be noted about the foundation:
• Avoid foundation color is younger than your facial skin. This will give the impression to your face pale. Unless you really want.
• The yellow color is usually the most neutral with Asian skin. Most color pigments Asians tend to be yellowish. However most excellent choose foundation color that comes closest to the original color of your skin.
• We recommend that you choose a lightweight foundation, which gives the results of the final makeup rather humid. Matt foundation, it tends to reinforce the fine lines of the skin and the skin becomes dry.
Another thing that is often overlooked women, is to provide a foundation and powder in the neck near the ear and under the jaw. In fact, this area will be obvious, especially in the daytime.
For the hair, avoid using hot hairdryer too often. We recommend using as necessary. When your hair is still wet comb should be used rarely. Never use a hair brush on wet hair. At least the condition of dry hair up to 70 percent, just use a hair brush.
Point the blow dryer down the hair shaft, from root to tip, to get finer hair. When blow dry your hair, you should use the dryer warm lap, and use the lap cool to strengthen hair curls and waves.
Using blush less precise. You must be absolutely sure, that the actual use blusher to give the impression of a prominent cheekbones. And gives the impression of not pale in the face. Therefore you must provide minimally blusher. Do not be like a fried egg shape. Of course, your face will look like a clown.
If your skin is yellowish or whitish, you should select the color is slightly pink blush. But the color is slightly orange is still feasible. While those who have a bit brown skin color, should avoid the color pink blusher. The most appropriate select color is slightly browned.
Remove nail biting. In some people this becomes a habit. Either when he was nervous or maybe it was a pleasure. Penggigitan nails resulting irregular growth patterns, soften the nails and produces jagged nail tip.
To avoid this bad habit, you can give a nail color that smells unpleasant. Or you provide an artificial nail, so you can not bite him again. Any reason you nail biting habit, which certainly aesthetics your fingers become ugly.
Hopefully useful ..! * Fir / INEtz
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