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How To Choose and Use Perfumes

Important things before choose and use perfumes.

First, test the perfume on blotters paper. If there is no blotters paper, spray perfume on its bottle cap. After you find your preferred scent, spray it on your back hand and wait for 8 until 10 minutes to confirm the scent.

Don’t try too many perfumes at once. 3 kinds of perfume is enough before you decide final decision. Whenever possible, interspersed with smelling the coffee beans to neutralize your nose.

Next, bring Perfume’s sample home. Perfume’s scent can not be immediately smelled on 20 minutes. It takes a longer time to know the real scent. Use properly. After you find the right perfume, it doesn’t mean you can free to spray it anywhere. Spray perfume correctly to maximize the results. Don’t spray your perfume in public places. Spray it when you are in enclosed area or in the bathroom, so people around you don’t  feel bothered.

Spray perfume on certain body parts. As example, behind the ears, nape of the neck, stomach area, the back of the knees, around wrist, or the cleavage. Hold perfume’s bottle at a distance of approximately 1 cm from the skin so that the scent is not easily disappear. Use perfume sufficiently. At least spray the perfume 4 until 5 times so it isn’t too fragrant. Use perfume when you have not dressed yet. Perfume created to interact with the skin, not with your clothes. Spraying perfume on clothes also can leave stains on clothes.

Having more than one kind of perfume highly recommended not only for Women, but also for Men. Use it according the situation  around. Don’t use perfume too much.

Choose a perfume that is suitable to your age and character. The ideal perfume is a perfume that can leave an unforgettable fragrance for the people around you.

Use perfume at the right time. Use a fresh-scented perfume like a light floral, green tea, or citrus in the morning. As for the night, use perfume with mysterious scent like sandals wood, jasmine, flower, or oriental.

Choose fragrance eau de parfum (EDP) for the long term. EDP has higher essential oil content, about 15% - 20%, and the fragrance can last between 3-5 hours. While the eau de toilette (EDT) has 9% - 15% levels of essential oil, which can only last up to 2 hours.

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