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Tips Batik Wear

If asked what is typical Indonesian cloth? which comes first in your mind may be batik cloth. Cloth that has many motifs from all over Indonesia is already famous for its beauty.

As a fabric of Indonesian pride, batik many creations in various models of clothing. Ranging from shirts, blouses, to luxurious dresses. But unfortunately, batik is often regarded as clothes that make the appearance look older. And with the following tips, you can still look young, fashionable, and elegant at the same time. Here's the tip:

1. Make sure the size and pieces fit the body
The most common errors are usually located in size. Just like in a suit, the size of the batik shirt you use should fit your body. Not great and not too small. For clothing pieces can be tailored to the body shape you have. And if you wear underwear, make sure your inner shirt collar is not excessive from the top button of the shirt pinned when worn, so that the underwear is not visible.

2. Show Your Young Spirit With Wearing Bright Colored Batik or Pastel

The colors that batik cloths have are mostly very elegant, brown with a touch of golden. Certainly this color will make our appearance look so luxurious. And unfortunately, this color can also make us look older than our age, especially if to wear to school, college, or office.

So you can still look young, fashionable, and elegant at the same time, choose batik clothes that have a bright color or pastel. For example fuschia or green toska. Both types of color will give a bright effect on yourself and your face. So, you will look younger and radiant.

3. Choose a Short-Sleeved Batik Shirt that Lets Create Everyday
Batik can also be used in everyday activities. No need to fear it will look too formal. You just choose a pastel-colored batik shirt that has short sleeves. Pair with black chino model pants to the office or a neutral colored jeans for the campus. For shoes, just wear a flat oxfords and made from suede or sneakers canvas for a more casual style.

4. Batik Shirt With Motif Type Flora or Fauna Very Suitable To Highlight Young Soul
You can make a long-sleeved batik shirt as an option. Choose a floral batik shirt, such as flowers and foliage, or fauna, like birds of paradise, to get the impression of a younger and more modern appearance. In addition, note also the material of batik shirt that you wear. For a formal appearance, which is made of fine will be more comfortable to wear and more enjoyable to look at.

5. Pair It With Jeans Pants
Do not want to think of fathers? Combine your long-sleeved batik shirt with jeans. These jeans are right for you who want to look young. Coupled with suede oxfords flat shoes, you will not be mistaken for fathers anymore.
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