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Beautiful appear when tired

For women in an office, the density of activity amid the bustle of a metropolis requires him often expend extra energy. Quite often our activities in one day exceeds the ability and endurance. As a resu

Of course we do not want the body that should fit looks sluggish, because it would interfere with our activities at home or in the office. Eyes will be puffy or swollen, and the face looks pale. Of course this reduces the confidence to go to work, college, or meet with colleagues. Moreover, the condition that occurs in this special moment, where for example the day that you are present at the engagement, graduations, weddings, large meetings, visits and other work. If already happened, you do not need to worry because there are simple tricks to disguise the shortage.

Looked tired and puffy eyes
Compress first swollen eyes with a handkerchief or cloth filled with ice in it so the swelling can be reduced. If it still appears, give the tape specifically for the eye to equalize the size of the eye between the left and right. Provide eye shadow and eyeliner bluish, surely your eyes will look fresh again.

Dark circles
Dark circles around the eyes is certainly not desirable. The easy way to deal with dark circles around the eyes is to apply a special moisturizing eye first. After that, apply a concealer lighter shades of the face and smooth with finger slowly. If you do not have concealer, can also use a liquid foundation with younger color of the face. Use light brown eye shadow in order to face brighter.

Brighten the face and eyes
You certainly want to face appear brighter and fresher when meeting with people. Use eye shadow and cheek. More suitable for Indonesian people use eye shadow is light blue, light green, purple and pink soft. And give colored soft cheek swabs for example pink, orange that seemed fresh. Soft brush colored lipstick matching with your eye shadow to sweeten your face.

Eye bags
Disguise with a special cream for the eyes. Then dab concealer color are older than directly on the skin color of eye bags. Multiply smile so that the appearance of eye bags is reduced.

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