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Ethics Wear Perfume

Life is full of ethics to follow. Understand the ethics of using perfume so as not to disturb the people around. Having more than one perfume is an obligation. Four to six fragrances must have at least one woman at her dressing table.

Its use must be in accordance with the existing situation. Do not wear perfumes for worship (for Muslims / muslimah) at work, because the aroma is less familiar to those around you who are on the move. The cleverness to make choices, will show your personality as well as your level of intelligence.

Choose a perfume that suits your age and your character. The ideal perfume is a perfume that can leave a memory for the people around him. So do not wear your mother's or grandmother's favorite perfume, because it can embarrass yourself.

Wear perfume at the right time. Use a fresh scented perfume such as light floral, green, or citrus on for the day. As for the night, wear mysterious scented perfume like jasmine, flower, or oriental.

Choose eau de perfume fragrance for the long term. EDP has higher levels of essential oil, about 15-20%, and the fragrance can last between 3-5 hours.

While eau de toilette (EDT) has a level of essential oil of 9-15% which can only last up to two hours. * Netz / Fir

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