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Having Beautiful and Healthy Feet

In addition to giving a plus to her appearance, beautiful and healthy feet will be a worthwhile investment for health.

In order for your beautiful and healthy feet, then do the following tips:

  • Keep clean and humidity of your feet, especially in the parts that are often closed sweating like in between your fingers with soap and powder special anti fungi and bacteria. Should not use products that contain fragrances to eliminate the odor, because they are just temporary and also will cause to other odor sharper than ever.
  • Always replace sock after conducting activities to prevent breeding of bacteria and fungus on the feet. Choose socks made from materials that have a high absorption such as synthetic materials.
  • Consider having a few pairs of shoes for each different activity. For example, do not use shoes for work when relaxing or exercising.
  • Avoid shoes or sandals are made of plastic because it will make feet hot and sweaty faster.
  • Note the type of food you consume. Avoid eating spicy food types that will make the body sweat. Because spicy food will also stimulate the emergence of odor-causing bacteria and fungus.
  • Tannic acid for tanning or other similar substances found in tea can be used to freshen and reduce foot odor. First, brewed tea using 5 cups of warm water, then use it to soak feet for about 10 minutes. Then use a special soap to clean the foot. Rinse with clean water and dry.
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