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Women Must Have This To Make Body Look More Slim

Girls, ever confused themselves looking for the right clothes to wear? There are a lot of clothes in the closet but it's not quite right to wear

Not to mention the desire to be more slender, mix and match the clothes used can take a lot of time as well.

Let it always look slimmer, 3 fashion item is really obliged you have. At least with 3 fashion items you always have an easy and instant way to get a more slim looking body look. So not confused-confused again deh looking clothes that fit every day. 3 fashion item it is:

1. Long Vest
Must really have a long vest. With a long vest, the body's silhouette will look taller and slimmer. Choose the material "fall" and not too thick. To be safe also choose neutral colors for easy matching combined with other clothes suit.

2. Blazer
Now there are many models of casual blazer and can be combined with various shirts or blouses. Choose a blazer with a collar that forms an angle or form a V to give the impression more ladder. Your look will also be more chic by using this blazer.

3. Denim Dark Color

Black denim pants like black and navy must be in your closet. If you are confused about what to wear, just take a pair of denim pants and mix with different types of superiors. Then, you are ready to go.

That was 3 fashion items you should have let every day not confused again to find clothes that can give the impression of a more slender body. Hopefully these tips and info useful.

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