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How to Appropriately Use Cologne for Men

Men's body odor is the most noticed by women.

If a man has a fragrant fit and fragrant, usually will have a positive value for women. The following is quoted from Menshealth, a way for you men to wear cologne to have a fragrant body odor, whenever and wherever.

Spray the cologne close to the heart

Rochelle Bloom, head of the Fragrance Foundation advises to use cologne at every point where parts can feel your heartbeat. Examples such as on the wrist, both sides of the neck and in the chest on the area of your heart. The reason for this heartbeat will make your cologne scent out more leverage.

Do not exaggerate

The way to find out is easy, if you can smell your cologne, you use it too much. Supposedly, the smell of cologne can only smell if someone is really close to you.

Do not mix the fragrance

That is, make sure all the products you use have a similar or almost similar scent. Starting from the bath soap, deodorant, cologne to shaving cream that you use. Because if you use a different scent, the aroma that appears instead may smell strange and uncomfortable.

Make your fragrance durable
If you have dry skin, you should spray your cologne more often. Because the fragrance of cologne or other fragrances will be more durable on moist skin.

Spray back in the daytime
Usually, the smell of this cologne will only last until 3 pm. For that, spraying cologne back during the day will help maintain your fragrance until the evening.

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