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Beauty Tips From Japanese Women

The secret of Japanese women's beauty lies in the treatment. They do the treatment using natural ingredients. Although using natural ingredients, but many women in Japan who have a nice and ageless skin despite being elderly. And their beauty secrets can be found in the kitchen.

One of the easiest and most effective ingredients used in their beauty is the water of Japanese rice. But now you do not have to bother find for Japanese rice for your beauty treatments, because you can find it at Ainie Sabun Beras Jepang. And here are some of the benefits of Japanese rice water for skin beauty.

Reduces acne and opens the pores

Cleaning the face using Japanese rice water is able to help control oily skin and minimize acne. Rice water can also open clogged pores.

The way is very easy implementation, ie you simply wash your face with a cup of rice water and let soak for half an hour. Use this water to clean your face twice a day then the skin will show changes after seven days.

Brighten skin color

Rice water can be used to brighten skin color naturally. In order to work properly, make sure the rice water is used in the fermented state.

Fermented rice water is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. The combination gives immediate effect on the skin. How to use it, mix one cup of rice and one cup of water. Then, keep it in a dry place for two days.

After that, rice water will cause acid smell. Strain and use the liquid to cleanse your skin. Within seven days after this treatment you will see the results.

Treating sunburn

Sunburned skin is often painful and red. To soothe this condition, use rice water as a healing medicine. You simply pat the sunburned area with rice water until the skin feels better.

Treat eczema and itchy skin

Japanese rice water can be used to treat some skin conditions that are under dermatitis disease. Rice water can relieve itching, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and sensitive skin.

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