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Tricks wring blush On THE Si Chubby Cheeks

Most women want to have a big face MORE to look pretty.

Gaunt cheeks can give the impression slim, especially if the application of blush on the cheeks added. But of course, not all women have a gaunt face. Most of the other women have chubby cheeks or chubby. Well but the ladies do not be sad if you have a face with chubby cheeks. Here are a few tricks and tips in makeup including how applying blush on those of you who have a face with chubby cheeks or chubby.
* Before applying blush, use a foundation first. This order will blush can stick around longer on your face.
* If you want to apply a creamy foundation use the darkest color, apply starting from the inside of the ear to the cheeks, forming a triangle increasingly cheeks getting thinner. Creamy foundation is more advisable to use because of its soft texture can make your makeup look more leverage.
* Observe your face beforehand. If you have chubby cheeks, use shading around the face. Namely along the edge of the forehead, cheeks, jaw and lower jaw. Foundation can be used to create shading is a foundation with one to two levels darker than the previous foundation.
* After that, use a powder. It is advisable to apply the powder is beige. This color can give the impression of more gaunt in the face. Do not use powder white color because it can give the impression of width on your face.
* If the makeup you want to look more durable. A good idea to use a solid powder after using the powder. If you want to create shading with a solid powder, choose a solid powder that is one level darker than your skin color. Shading can be done on the cheeks and jaw. To be symmetrical between the left and right shading use a brush that foundation shading gradations between colors look fine.
* Afterwards, apply blush on your face. Use brownish base color such as peach, pink brown and plum. Can also use cocoa color bronze or reddish brown. Use a brush to use blush it down and flat towards the mouth to form a sharp impression on the face and use again blush on the cheekbones towards the top in order to give effect to a more prominent cheek bones or face seem longer.
* Or you can choose a blush with a dark color (tend to brown) for review of the ear up to the cheek. After that you can applying blush with brighter colors such as pink or peach slightly upward part diulaskan dark color blush earlier. Always remembered! How to use blush on the right is from the ear to the cheek.
* So you should not be discouraged if you have a face with chubby cheeks. The important thing is that you should be good to mix and match colors of makeup on your face. Avoid colors that are too bright because it would give the impression of width on your face.
Now you are getting to know. Good luck, good luck ...! INEtz / Fir
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