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Reducing the Risk The presence of Acne

Treating facial skin is different from caring for the skin of the body

because it faces the risk of exposure to pollution higher than the body's skin-covered clothing. In addition it also has a lot of facial skin oil glands (sebaceous glands) that produce fatty acids called 'sebum' and sweat glands. Thus, if the weather is hot, panic, or too tired, the skin will easily greasy, sweaty, sticky and dirty. This is due to the relationship of physical and psychological stress with increased production of sweat and sebum (fatty acids) in both types of these glands.
Makeup cosmetics that are not immediately cleaned up and pollution with sweat and dust off the face. Then breed a combination of Propionibacterium acnes which will convert fat sebum of liquid becomes more dense, making it easy to clog pores and cause acne. For the treatment of the face regularly is very necessary to become more healthy and away from acne.
Here are four main factors that causes acne on the face:
1. The blockage in the pores of the skin by the sebum that turned into solid
2. Increased production of sebum due to hormonal influences, physical condition, and psychological. If accompanied by blockage in the estuary of the sebaceous glands, sebum outflow will be unstoppable.
3. Increasing population and activity of Propionibacterium acnes because these bacteria are below the mouth of the sebaceous glands and sebum like to eat fat.
4. The inflammatory reaction due to the invasion of white blood cells around the sebaceous glands are already experiencing the dam and eventually rupture. Sebum fat contents spilling into the cuticle tissue or dermis, and considered a foreign object so that fishing invasion of white blood cells to the area.
Could the presence of acne, annoying prevented? Of course you can, as long as we diligently do the things below.
1. Clean the face of cosmetics before bed
2. Avoid sugary and greasy foods
3. Note that balanced nutrition, sufficient consumption of vitamin C and Vitamin E
4. Avoid using oily cosmetics
5. Give skin protection from the sun during summer months
6. Do not stay up
7. Do not let dirt and dust stay on the skin surface
8. Clean and facial skin care with a thorough

Acne is a headache and sometimes reduces our confidence. However, with good care and regular, then the 'presence' in our face can be suppressed. Get used to clean and healthy life, by always keeping physical and psychological health, as well as facial skin care regularly.
Hopefully useful. * Fir / INEtz
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