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Spa Own Foot at Home

Women want all parts of the body look beautiful and beautiful, including the legs. In order to get a beautiful leg and spoil it, many women routinely visit the salon to perform pedicure care.

If you like recipes and traditional, you can mix a pedicure recipe to clean and wash your feet at home without needing to be expensive to the salon.

Launched from various sources, please register to use natural ingredients that you can do yourself at home. This recipe is efficacious to remove the remnants of dead skin and moisturize the skin of the foot.

Treatment Stages :
  1. Prepare the ingredients, among others, three tablespoons of insoluble rough sugar, five tablespoons of olive oil, two lemons, Do not forget to prepare warm air about a coals.
  2. Once the above ingredients are available, take one lemon and then squeeze the water. Combine the lemon juice with rough sugar and oil in the container and set aside. Take one more lemon to irisbulkan into a few strands.
  3. Prepare warm air in the bucket, add lemon juice and lemon slices. Soak feet for three minutes. Rub the leg slowly with a mixture of coarse sugar, olive oil, and lemon juice. Focus on the dry cuticle and in the heel area.
  4. Once polished, show feet into warm water. Remove the remaining sugar and oil from the net by using a wet towel. Finally dry with a dry cloth and apply a moisturizing cream evenly.
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