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Tips for Moisturizing Dry Lips During Cold Weather

Cold weather is one of the causes of dry lips. Low temperature weather will make your body and skin dehydrated, especially if you are using matte lipstick.

However, now you don't have to worry anymore. Reporting from sheknows.com, Sunday (08/19/2018), here are some tips to moisturize dry lips during cold weather, curious?

1. Remove dead skin
When you experience dry lips, the first thing you should get used to is removing dead skin. Using a soft brush or a cloth that has been dipped in warm water can help you in this.

Or you can also make your own scrub from large granular sugar with a mixture of coconut oil. Have you tried this method to deal with dry lips?

2. Moisturize
You have to moisturize all day, especially in the morning, night and after peeling. Avoid products made from wax, because the porduk is indeed a barrier, but does not hydrate at all.

3. Protect
After the lips are hydrated, coat them with moisturizer to seal the moisture and protect it from other damage. For additional protection, you can add SPF.

4. Rehydration
One of the best ways to deal with dry lips is to make sure you drink enough water. Even mild dehydration can cause dry lips to become worse, especially during cold weather.

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