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3 Natural Ways Free from Body Odor

A person's body odor is often annoying but can not be talked about directly. Body odor is also often overcome by covering the body odor, such as by using deodorant or perfume.

But it will not solve the body odor problem. Fortunately, there is a fresh, cleaner natural way to stop unwanted body odor.

1. Shave armpits

Many feathers in the armpits can create a moist area for bacteria. Hair and hair are easy to absorb odors and can even slow down the evaporation of sweat.

Dr Jennifer Burns, a doctor at The Beinetre Center in Phoenix, USA, advised to shave the armpits regularly so that the bacteria would not be trapped there.

2. Changing shoes

A common mistake that often happens is to think that body odor comes from the armpits. But one of the most stinging smells in the body actually comes from the foot.

Changing shoes will allow them to expose the air and can prevent the smell concentrated in one area. It will also trim the existing bacteria in the shoe.

Burns's number one rule is: everyone should change their shoes after every use 800 km.

3. Use vinegar

Vinegar, be it apple vinegar or white vinegar, can help lower pH levels in the skin to get an antibacterial condition.

Dr Mehmet Oz from The Dr. Oz Show recommends this home remedy because bacteria can not survive under acidic conditions and the odor will disappear.

The best option is to sprinkle vinegar into the armpit area just after the shower, but not after you shave your armpits. This method is safe as long as the skin is not blistered or there is an open wound.

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