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Free from Acne Only with Soap

Out of money just because of acne? And the acne is still missing? Or lost but when stopped treatment, acne will appear again. So should continue expensive treatment.

Sekawan Cosmetic provides solutions for women and men who have problems with acne, and guaranteed not to spend a large fee, very cheap for a solution to get rid of acne. And the solution is the Holly Sabun Hijau Antiseptic.

HOLLY Sabun Hijau Antiseptic the first commercially available antiseptic soap in the Indonesian market in 1989 (initially purchased only by prescription in pharmacies) and soon became a trusted reliable product. Does not contain fragrance so it will not cause allergies. Coconut oil used as the base material is selected coconut oil. Certified BPOM, CPKB, and Halal to ensure quality and quality.

How to use it to treat acne is very easy:

  1. Flush the soap with your fingertips.
  2. Give water and rub until frothy.
  3. Apply foam to areas of acne prone skin like using ordinary soap.
  4. Wait 5 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.

Continuous use, within 1 week will see the difference. This green soap works by shedding and drying acne, then the acne will disappear slowly. Usage can be accompanied by a facial moisturizing cream when the skin is felt dry.

If you still do not believe in green soap, try reading testimonials on google.

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