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Mix and make up for dark skin

Look beautiful all day has now become a necessity for women metropolis.

With the help of make-up right, they can turn the key moments it so it looks always dazzling. Judging from the shape of the body, women have different types. There are short, tall, slender, curved or straight. And from the color of his skin there is a difference between the dark and light or white. Of course there is still a long list of others, about the physical differences and character of every woman. For that make-up is an important element in supporting performances womanhood, with a variety of weaknesses and shortcomings.
For white or olive, choose the make-up is not a difficult problem. But for dark-skinned, errors select and use make-up could be 'catastrophic'. Actually, the secret lies in the dark-skinned young colors. So the best advice for your dark skin is knowing how to combine basic colors.
You must be good at combining the powder with a perfect base. To make fusion a viable add a little water in the base powder, then mix and blend the. You can check the results by viewing it through the reflection of sunlight during the day, whether too bright or sufficient for the size of your skin. After applying the foundation, try a bit of baby powder. It is useful to make your skin look brighter. Do not use too much powder. It should also be remembered always dust of the extra powder.
Here's how to combine colors make-up for dark skin.
a Choose the colors like coral, rose, deep orange for your blush. Peach and brown shade of color will enhance your appearance.
a dark skin tone, a pink blush on to make-up during the day will mempercerah your appearance. But for nights, choose shades of bronze, plum. To highlight the texture of your skin, apply blush on your cheekbones. With a blend of eye shadow golden color makes you look more attractive in privilege. You can apply golden at your temples and corners of your eyebrows.
For eye shadow a better choose natural colors, such as brown or red brick. Never use bright colors or white. For the upper eyelid select a light brown color. Being at the crease eyelid, use dark brown and drag it slightly outward, it will give depth to your eyes.
a If you want to use one color to the eyelid, choose eye shadow colors dark blue, wine or purple, which is closer to the eyelashes. You also can line the eyelids with dark blue or dark gray. And additional eyeliner under the eyes, it will make your eyes look more attractive. The latter apply a mascara on the lashes, which will make you look more attractive appearance.
a For lipstick choose colors like copper, bronze, dark red, wine and burgundy. You can use one color or combine two colors corresponding to the color of your skin. For the evenings choose a dark color. And remember do not put on lipstick excessively. It would be nice if the color of lipstick matched with the color of nail polish, as well as adjust the color combination of eye shadow and lipstick so do not make your makeup appears prominently in one piece.
Now you already know tips for choosing the right make-up for dark skin. To improve the appearance, you should choose clothing that fits your makeup. * Fir / INEtz
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